So it seems you are enjoying our conversations! I am too, especially since my reason for setting up the Limitless Living program is to impact a large number of people positively. I realize I can do it once people co-opt themselves into being aware of their habits and beliefs… and since you are doing it, congrats! I admire your spirit.

Eventually, my goal is to raise human consciousness / awareness about our interplay with life – what we give it and what it gives us. Through a like-minded army of high consciousness individuals across the planet, I expect us to usher in a new era of abundance thinking!

So where does it start? Examine this diagram:

Usually motivational gurus market coaching programs online that put us on a high… but within 2-3 weeks we are back to almost where we started. Why? Because we are given the package deal that they have in stock.

Here, with Limitless Living, we are looking at 12 exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions (over Skype/Zoom or similar option) in YOUR context, with YOUR challenges, to change YOUR habits.

And what does changing HABITS do? Conscious change in them results in change of BEHAVIOR (blue arrows above). And that in turn changes our THINKING. And this has a positive spiraling effect on producing BEHAVIOR from a higher consciousness, all the way to achieving the RESULTS we only dream about!

Let us appreciate this with an example. Imagine John had a common belief (Thinking) about Fear. Say fear of heights. So John spent his entire life believing he can’t go to a rooftop (Behaviour). Hence he never pressed the top floor button on any elevator (Habits). And therefore he never reached the top floor (Action), the Result of which was, while everyone enjoyed the rooftop party on the 21th floor rooftop, John sat in front of his TV on the 3rd floor.

Now imagine John does press 21 when he gets into the elevator. It takes him the same effort as pressing 3, doesn’t it? But when the elevator door opens and John sees the sky through a window facing him, he is perhaps terrified. Natural. However, being a person who is open to change and sees its value, let’s say John presses 21 again the next day and the next day and the next day. Would you imagine, as a normal human being, he will eventually feel tempted to step out one day when the door opens and check out the window? He obviously would. And that, my friend, is change of Behaviour! In only a few days! And when he will see the kids playing, the cars, the garden and the sky… and he would not be giddy or nauseous… what will happen? Thinking would change. A synaptic connection in the brain would permanently get rewired. He may not be ready to jump rooftops like Spiderman, but he would surely be able to attend the rooftop party!

Therefore, with change of Habits we change Thinking. And you can see it happen with small changes in your own reflex actions over 6 weeks… and with that you will feel empowered to create whatever you like!

Our next step will be to investigate your beliefs. And here is one that (you might be surprised to find) might have been limiting you in the past… click here to know what.