Thanks for the click! So what is Limitless Living?

It is simply a way of living in true abundance… of money, time, health, relationships, growth and contribution.

Now let’s understand this a little deeply. Abundance is a state of mind. It is not about how much you have, but rather about how much you need. Have you heard about ‘poor rich people’? They may have millions in the bank but stress over spending a little. They are not misers necessarily… they simply can’t reconcile with their “fear of losing” what they have. They compulsively need to cut corners… it’s a state of mind. Likewise, there are ‘rich poor people’. You find many in rural areas. They have little and need even less. They always have a smile. They are always ready to give. They fear less.

In money terms, for example, abundance doesn’t mean you have a billion bucks. Nope. Because a ‘billion’ is a ‘limit’. And besides, unless you know what you have to do with that billion, it may be nothing more than a source of stress. So abundance of money is actually having one buck. One buck more than what you need to spend. Anytime. You want to buy a fancy car? US$ 1,362,278 on road with insurance. You have US$ 1,362,279 in your bank. What else do you need? Butter on the table? INR 43? You have INR 44 in your wallet.

Likewise for other aspects. Health for instance. Everyone in the neighborhood has the flu? You have a little better immunity. Speaking in a social context, let’s say only half the people turn up at your party? You still keep up the spirit, not letting anyone spot a difference 🙂 And so on.

Now the question is, how will abundance in all these aspects manifest for you?

It will manifest by your coming into awareness of your present habits in the 6 crucial dimensions of living, and realizing what results these habits bring to you.

Through the Limitless Living program you will project your habits into the future and examine if they lead to the results you want. For something to change, something must change 🙂 So we will change small habits, which in turn will change big beliefs.

Think about your life in the 6 dimensions below… is there anything better you’d like to have in any of them?

  • Mental (thinking, knowledge, wisdom)
  • Physical (health, physique, wellness)
  • Spiritual (oneness with a higher force)
  • Social (relationships with family, friends, others)
  • Emotional (relationship with self and values)
  • Financial (career, savings, sources etc)

Was that a “yes” you breathed softly? Click this link and let’s have our next conversation