Read this if you’ve been searching for “stress relief near me”

“Work from home” began all over he world and Google recorded a huge upswing in the number of searches on stress. I got his list: stress doctor near me, stress counseling near me, stress center near me, stress classes near me, stress therapist near me, stress massages near me, stress management near me, stress clinic near me, to quote a few. Obviously “near me,” because people cannot travel far these days.

Well, how about if you do not need to travel at all and can have the stress issues solved for good in the comfort of your home? Sounds good, doesn’t it? So read on.

First the theory. Stress is a condition that arises because the modern human lifestyle is way different from how the human being was designed to operate. It is therefore a by-product and not THE problem by itself. So if we can focus on solving the problem, stress will automatically get out of the door.

So what is the problem? The problem is the departure in our way of living. And so you ask, what is the right way of living? Well, the right way incorporates a lot of the things you can do much more easily now that you are working from home. And this is based on proven ancient wisdom.

Here are 10 points for the practical part:

  1. Stretch your body in lazy awareness when you wake up. You have seen cats and dogs do this. You have stopped doing it because of your alarm clock. Do it every morning for 1-2 minutes to recharge the energy body you live in.
  2. Pause work for 30 seconds every couple of hours and breathe deeply for 30 seconds. That is 3 rounds of a 5-second inhale followed by a 5-second exhale. These breathing breaks recharge your energy system.
  3. Drink 2-3 liters of water every day. Keep a glass next to you and finish it slowly, sipping every few minutes. Take bathroom breaks… remember you are at home! Hydration lowers stress (the watering hole had a different meaning in ancient times ;-)).
  4. Bend, stretch, crawl… move your body in ways you usually don’t. Imagine your ancestors from 20,000 years ago. Similar anatomy. Different postures. Recreate them and you will be ready to face tigers without much stress!
  5. Laugh a lot. The sound of hahaha produces a vibration that is good for the heart.
  6. Spend time with family and kids, if they are around you. The interaction makes you feel lighter and more bonded. And if it doesn’t, work on the relationships, now that you have the time to talk stuff over meaningfully.
  7. Be grateful for everything. Instead of complaining about having to stay at home, you can say thanks for having a home. So many people do not have one. You can be grateful for anything when you lower your expectations – thereby lower your stress.
  8. Minimize your belongings. Extra stuff in our closets, drawers, kitchens, rooms, and stores simply adds stale energy in our lives. Use this time to clean up and get rid of everything you have no emotional attachment to. You clean your energy space in the process.
  9. Make todo lists for prioritizing your day at work and home. Not only will doing so give you a rush of energy everytime you strike an item off as Done, it will also contain the energy you otherwise dissipate in deciding what next or remembering what else!
  10. Finally, Pray… for the people not as fortunate as you and for all the people who have helped you be as fortunate as you are. All the delivery people, maintenance staff, police and etc. Prayer carries pure energy and connects us with the power our ancestors knew intimately.

You can learn to commune with this divine power, which I call Universal Energy, at will – anytime, anywhere – through a practice of Qigong, which I teach online. Whatsapp me at +91-965-002-8085 or join my group Inner Power for Life ( for more info. Talk soon!