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  • We learn everything that we do in life. We learn to eat with our mouths. We learn to walk. We learn professional skills. Maybe performing arts. Management… you get the idea. For anything that we think we have to do, we learn – and practice. Only to realize that life can continue even without it! But there’s one thing that we have to do – else life will strictly not continue. And our only formal Read More
  • What is more important than Maths, Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, Geography, History or Languages? What’s more important than all the subjects that you attach so much importance to, and often engage expensive tutors for? The answer is, developing the ability in your kids to assimilate these subjects, and to extract from them, the aspects that help create lives of happiness and significance. So where can kids get to acquire this ability? Nowhere! And that sadly Read More
  • The fact that one could be paid to speak revealed itself to me only when I was introduced to the Professional Speakers Association of India (PSAI). Sure, I was earning through my words even before that, but differently. As I began to understand the world of professional speaking, I realized that there are 5 ways to speak for money. And here they are: S2S – Speak To Sell – This is what I was doing Read More
  • It might be the most obvious thing once you think about it. To for-give is based in ‘giving’. As long as the mind remains in a ‘getting’ state, forgiveness cannot arise. Therefore, what it would mean to forgive, is to reach a state in which one has nothing to get/gain from another person or situation. And the person/situation is automatically forgiven. Since the desire to ‘get’ is anchored in the person who expects to receive Read More
  • Now, more than ever, the world needs healing. Maybe you do too. Or a loved one  Maybe you have heard of energy healing. Maybe even of the Japanese method called Reiki. And if so, you’ve probably heard that you need to learn from a master face to face. And maybe that has stopped you from exploring this incredible method. Not anymore!  Rei-Ki is two words, meaning Universal-Life force energy. It is the energy that exists Read More
  • Of late, urban beings have started to find it fashionable to be spiritual and not religious. Very good, I say. But what exactly would you mean by that, I ask. Oh well, they say, I don’t believe in anything in particular… it’s like there is this you know, this feeling sort of thing… like ummm this connection you know, with a force… but I won’t call it a God or something… you you you meditate Read More
  • Designing an energy environment that is in harmony with your internal frequencies is the solution to everything. For example – and you will most likely find yourself on this list – If you [fill in the blank from below] then you have your solution in energy environment design. Tend to be late for important events Aren’t able to keep a check on emotions Have a mixed-up mind on priorities Are getting known for forgetting things Read More
  • To increase your productivity, and grow mentally, physically, spiritually and financially, there is one simple starting point. Exercise. Yes… Exercise! Now you wonder, what does exercise have to do with productivity or growth? Exercise has only to do with being physically strong and perhaps fit, but you don’t have the time for that – nor the inclination – unless you could be more productive in your existing time. It’s a sort of vicious cycle.. So Read More
  • If there is someone you know or work with that you just cannot stand the sight of, how can you change your negative perception of that person? How do you turn back time on someone you never liked in the first meeting? First, let us address why it is important not to think ill of someone no matter how horrible or annoying they are to you. For starters, because it is not healthy! Not for Read More

13 thoughts on “Breathing To De-Stress”

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  2. You’re a practitioner Saravanan and that’s why everything is helping. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of knowledge, as I always say 🙂

  3. Saravanan Lingamurthy

    Very useful at these troubling times. As mentioned by you, we do not bother much for our breathing, especially to those 6 aspects. Thankful to your timely write up on Breathing.
    As I already expressed, QiGong helped me a lot to get out my body tiredness while I was recovering from Covid 19.
    Thank you once again.

  4. Thanks Ajai. Your observation sets well with the premise that we can practice only what we retain.

  5. Snigdha Narain

    Great write up. Good to know about so many techniques, specially at a time when stress is interfering with our ability to do our best work.

  6. I’ve observed that progressively exhaling, using quick short breathing patterns and inducing yogic breathing all lead to very different outcomes while playing myself. There’s probably benefits to each depending on circumstances like you pointed out. Also, thank you for adding the internal body stress to the equation here. Looking forward to more takes on this topic.

  7. Very nice, Sandeep. Everything about breathing summarised in six logical headings, making it easy to retain.

  8. Excellent question Eshan. When you hold and move, you increase the internal stress (the brain reads hold for long = die). This might payoff well in certain situations/moves. When you release progressively there are 2 consequences: 1) You are a wee bit heavier and 2) You are relatively comfortable. This might not be the state to be in for critical strokes. But in this case you can afford to be less mindful of the impact of stress. So you take the call based on your mindfulness and nature of actions.

  9. As a sportsman I rely on controlling my breath and manipulate breathing patterns to cope with the intensity of the game. But this is a consequence of keeping the mind and body at ease. Therefore I wanted to know if there is a benefit to holding your breath and practicing your respective actions or to release the breath in stages and do the same actions?

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