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  • It is a simple 3-alphabet question, which implores people to think. And when they do, all the answers you – and they – seek spring out of the cupboards automatically. The power of this one question is transformational. It brings us to the root of our purpose… whether long-term, short-term, or immediate. This question begs an answer innocently, innocuously – in spite of which, invariably. And when you learn to use it with inner power, Read More
  • Why do we get stressed? What is stress anyway? And is there a way to be stress free forever? In an interview with top-podcaster Anna Brooks, I answered these questions recently, and much more. While this part is extracted in the 1-minute video above, you can listen to the entire podcast here… (Apple users). If you would like to explore more, I invite you to a conversation with me. Let’s sync calendars here. Read More
  • Did you know that anime (Japanese animation style), which has been around for just about 50 years, has 22 different forms and innumerable characters and renderings? Contrast this with Yoga, which boasts of 5000 years of history, but all its forms can be part of your vocabulary by the time you finish reading this definitive yoga guide! To make it easy for you, understand this. The word Yoga means joining, connection, or alignment. Of what, Read More
  • This story by Sandeep Nath was the finalist (Sci-Fi category) at the awards competition. Enjoy the drama and philosophy of the Source Code of consciousness!– Green Stories Dexter had to find the answer in the next two hours or he would die. He had entertained the question for what seemed like an eternity. Now there was no humor left. And his granny was going to perish too. He fondly thought of her and how Read More
  • I aspire to make a difference in the way we human beings live, work, interact, prioritize, and evaluate ourselves and each other. My belief in this stems from a readiness I perceive, to raise human consciousness. I believe we are destroying ourselves mindlessly, driven by the vested interests of a few who have gained the power to drive them. Are you still with me? Can you see yourself as an agent of change? What have Read More
  • “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” This might have been said in jest, but the idea has lent itself to examination for several millennia. Chanakya, a strategic advisor to the largest Indian kingdom of the 2nd century BC, observed that too much of anything is poison. This applies to power, wealth, hunger, ego, greed, laziness, love, ambition, hate, or any other state of mind. And ostensibly, even Read More
  • If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with the power of gratitude. To be grateful for whatever happens, is a quality that all achievers claim among their strengths. It is a must-have attitude for success. But the part left unsaid is, how does one develop that attitude of gratitude? To achieve this, let us first understand what stops us from being grateful for everything as it happens. Take a pause and make a Read More
  • They swim. They fly. Might walking be a priority? How does one set priorities? Well, if that is the question on your mind, here’s what I have found after studying scores of business gurus and spiritual masters. To set your priorities, you must follow a 5-level formula.  The 5 Levels of Priorities All successful achievers who take responsibility for the welfare of large communities, organizations, and even fans, keep to the same sequence of what Read More
  • From the point of view of ancient oriental wisdom, everything is comprised of a yin and a yang. The yin is typically the feminine, cooler side and the yang is the masculine, hotter side of everything and everyone. There is fluidity within these states and balance is the goal. Furthermore, our emotions are governed by 5 major organ-elements of which the Liver houses Anger and the Spleen houses Worry. A passive-aggressive nature is the result Read More

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