Choosing a Guru

A Tip On Growing More Productive

If you can produce more and grow mentally, physically, spiritually and financially, would you want much more in life? I guess not. So what’s the secret to getting that in your overworked, stressed-out daily routine? Let me give you the answer right here and now. Exercise. Yes it’s that simple. Exercise. Now you say, hold it buddy, what does exercise have to do with productivity or growth? Exercise has only to do with being physically …

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The 5 Categories of Gurus

Recently, during a break at the Reiki channeling session I was conducting, a very interesting discussion about Gurus cropped up. The trigger was the question a participant raised, “How can we know whom to follow? There seem to be so many people offering self-improvement stuff.” After a lot of views had been expressed, bringing in everyone from Dalai Lama to Ramdev Baba to Eckhart Tolle and Jon Kabat-Zinn, I found myself (obviously guided by universal …

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The Limitless Living Program

Liberate Your Abundance through ‘Limitless Living’.  Through this program you will embark on a voyage of self-discovery and questioning of your beliefs, which have been fed into your subconscious mostly without your knowledge. And you will learn how to change those beliefs wherever they limit you, to set yourself on a trajectory of abundance… Abundance of time, money, health, influence… whatever. Abundance is what nature unconditionally provides to everyone and everything on this planet (and …

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