You Can Have It All

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the manifestation of energy that allows the conscious object to be aware of the causality of its environment. Being in higher consciousness is being in higher awareness, more sensitive to subtler levels of changes of cause and effect. It also implies being more adaptable to the perceived changes from the point of view of the environment one is impacting due to one’s own direct or indirect involvement.

Having studied several definitions of this and having heard several gurus speak about consciousness, I would like to qualify a few points that appear in my view. First, that it is a ‘manifestation of energy’. I would argue that even inanimate objects possess consciousness since matter and energy are interchangeable. However, since the extent of its manifestation cannot be perceived by the average (low) human consciousness, we discard its existence. Quite like we discard the existence of spirits because we do not (yet) have scientific instrumentation to measure their existence. A person directly impacted by a ghost would tell a different story!

Second, it is not only about being aware of one’s surroundings/environment, it is about being aware of the cause and effect within it. It is about interplay and therefore dynamic.

And third, if one believes one’s consciousness cannot be raised, that is far from true. One can always change the vibrations one emits and that impacts everything and everyone around. It may take a while and a lot of resonance with like-vibrations to manifest tangible change, but that’s the power of group energy – of a higher consciousness group.

And that brings me to the subject I intend to write about in more detail in the next piece, which forms the inspiration for the visual I’ve inserted in this one. And that is about our interconnectedness as a ‘group’. About how the base of consciousness rests on each one being a part of the networked whole, which itself is part of the larger network – till a point where the ‘whole’ itself is beyond comprehension.

Each sub-atomic particle vibrates at a consciousness that resonates with the intergalactic universe… so which drives which? Which of the two determines the frequency? What role does man have in this energy pattern other than being an incidental mid-level form that’s obsessed with understanding where it came from? Have the sub-atomic particles that actually determine all of what happens in the universe programmed humans to not comprehend in the sensitivity of our very consciousness? Do the ‘enlightened’ ones escape the barriers of that sensitivity? Please send me your views in the message box below.