You Can Have It All

Identifying Life Purpose

Here’s an exercise to start to arrive at your mission. I’d like you to pull out 3 white papers.

On the first one, write down as many bulleted points as you can, about ‘What your strengths are’. These are personality traits or acquired skills.

On the second one write down as many bulleted points as you can, about ‘What you are passionate about’. These are things that make your heart feel happy.

On the third one write down the biggest things that come to your mind, about ‘What you dream of’. This / these could be lying buried way inside you… perhaps dreams you had in school or even as a child. Come on, pull them out… it’s your paper and only for you to read. It will be fun!

Your investment of your time and emotion on this could possibly be the most meaningful thing you’ve done till date!




Now examine every point on sheet one and put a rank against each to indicate how highly you feel about it. For example if you had written your strengths as

– smiling personality

– good at driving

– health conscious

– good conversationalist

– good presenter

– photography

And if you felt that Photography was your strongest point and the fact that you were a Good Conversationalist was second strongest, mark 1 and 2 against them respectively.


Now do the same about you passions on sheet two. Again, some could be similar, like Photography could be a passion too, but maybe ‘Caring for street children’ would be a passion you wrote that really tugs at your heart. So mark the ranks accordingly.


Do it! 😉

And finally, select your most vivid dream. Mine, for instance, is speaking before a large 100,000+ audience that’s standing in ovation 🙂 What’s yours?


Done? Ready?


Great! Now we shall form a sentence. For the sake of this example, we’ll take my dream (though the other points are not mine!). And your sentence would combine the top-ranking thoughts of each sheet. For example:

I am on this planet to…

Take and propagate heart-wrenching pictures of

living conditions and rehabilitation of street kids

So that…

The world may stand in acclaim of my contribution

to integrating the less privileged with the mainstream


Do it!


Now you will notice that the statement that emerged for you has little to do with the Accountant’s job you’re doing (perhaps… or whatever). But if you do what came out of that statement, you may never need to be an Accountant (or whatever) ever.

So start shooting pictures… set up a photography blog… join street-kid care groups and spread your work.

Don’t worry that you don’t have the time. Time will come from the priority passion creates. Just start to do it. Start small… with your old shots for instance. But apply kaizen, with consistency and discipline. Measure what you do every day. And keep doing it.

Getting yourself into a support group of like minds will accelerate this hugely. And if that group activity funds you as well, you’d get the time for your mission!


Get it? Now go get it!