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Sandeep Nath

Little Known Facts About Me 😉

With an IIT-IIM education, I’ve spent 25 years in corporate space, running my own company for 15, which served top multi-nationals, governments, and startups for internal & external communications and culture building

Disturbed by the stress and humanlessness arising in the corporate world, I embarked on my consciousness journeys which resulted in two highly acclaimed books; Arrive At Success and RENEWAL I have co-authored another two books plus a popular eBook on stress!

Based on the deep insights I gained (about our consciousness, purpose, and energy) over 15 years of close interactions with Vedic Gurus, Oriental Masters, and Tibetan Buddhist Lamas (who I met in their monasteries in the Himalayas), I’m on a crusade against harmful stress in the world

After returning from the Himalayas, I spent 6 years working in remote villages across India, empowering women and micro-entrepreneurs using cloud technology and solar energy products and grids. Currently I am on the executive boards of GYMHA, Australia and PSA India and rank among the top thought leaders worldwide.

As a Speaker, I’ve travelled to over 30 countries across 4 continents and conducted workshops and trainings on Mindful Living and Qigong in over 46 cities. This was a delight for all in the room, especially me, as I travel with my wife who is an equal expert

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