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I have spent the last 15 years distilling the secrets of human consciousness, energy, and purpose, from many of the greatest masters of India and the Orient. And with over 25 years of business and consulting experience, I stand at a unique cusp of these two worlds, applying the Dao, Zen, and Vedic principles non-religiously to Peak Performance. My IIT-IIM background helps establish these ancient wisdom solutions logically, practical for today’s workforce. A few topics I speak on include:

  • 9 Zen Secrets Of Powerful Leaders [Balance/Leadership]
  • 3 Pillars Of Productivity For Multitaskers [Purpose/Energy/Priority]
  • Stop Losing Money In Your Business [Wellbeing/Engagement]
  • Power Online Relationships With New Energy [Connection/Delight]
  • The #1 Way To Push Performance Without Burnout [Mindfulness]

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