You Can Have It All

sandeep nath

Can machines replace human beings?

It is always quite fascinating, the way people embrace technology as the ultimate panacea and yardstick for human development. A lot of people also fear that technology will replace them someday… and that fear is not completely unfounded. A small thing like a phone-app has replaced the Secretary. At several airports check-in staff are no longer needed even for baggage handling. And the possibilities with robotics are well captured by Hollywood, becoming realities year after year.

However, neither is technology the panacea or yardstick and nor is the human mind replaceable. Human skill is definitely replaceable. But humans who invest in their minds rather than in skills alone, are not.

The depth of the human mind is immense as it is connected with things like consciousness, which can not be cloned by gadgetry. I make this statement categorically and will attempt to qualify it as you read along. So far the only progress that humankind has made in the understanding of consciousness is what was made either in the ancient yogic and vedic traditions of India or the Taoist traditions of China and similar ancient wisdom texts of other parts of Southeast Asia and even Mexico and the Egyptian civilizations. Strangely people stopped probing into mind-consciousness and its linkage with matter and energy for many centuries. And now that technology has surfaced, it is exhibiting its prowess in emulating what human skill can do, instead of continuing technical research into the limitlessness of what the human mind can do.

Probing the limits of the human mind and understanding our connection with the omnipotent, omnipresent, divine powers, which we could call universal energy or consciousness, still remains an open space for science and technology. There is a ‘consciousness deficit’ in human research and there’s a reason for that.

Technology is limited by what the human mind can conceive and thus we have not been able to circumvent the human mind in this process of discovery and creation. Or to put it another way, unless we invite the superconsciousness to co-create with us, we can’t be discovering anything larger than ourselves. As Einstein also observed, “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem.” Hence, the human mind is severely limited in replicating itself.

Having said that, many minds of modern-day ‘yogis’ as well are connected with universal energy and have documented patterns that use consciousness to move energy and matter by pure intention. This is particularly visible in the area of Energy Healing.

Richard Gordon of Quantum Touch has embarked on the Galileo Project, which might – by the next decade – become a subject of mainstream science and medicine. Research is currently being done on shifting cranial bones using mere intent and high energy vibrations. And practitioners including myself are reporting over 99% success predictably in moving matter using consciousness alone.

Barbara Ann Brennen, a natural psychic and NASA scientist, knows it better than most, from the gifts of her varied experience. As documented in her book, ‘Hands of Light’, the changing of auric fields can regress disease of the body; a physical state not different to other emotional and mental states that it can modulate by design.

Why then, you may wonder, are technologists and medical professionals not open to embrace energy wisdom and probe deeper psychically? Why then do they create a parallel stream of “scientific research” based on technology or pharmacology? That’s answerable intuitively if you think about it. For science, everything is smoke and mirrors until one can measure it and duplicate it with predictability and rationale. Given the way consciousness and energy manifest, these qualities are not observed. Hence it is classified as woowoo. Some centuries back, there was a God of Fire, because the cause of fire was woowoo. Today kids can reproduce this seemingly magical energy manifestation with a convex lens and a piece of dry paper… and thus it is mainstream science. Likewise electromagnetism… when the iron filings line up like butterfly wings we can measure the intensity of attraction or repulsion. But so far we cannot do the same with energy waves. Or healing vibrations. And numerous other facets of consciousness that we don’t yet know that we don’t know about.

But there are people in our midst who are applying these with predictability and achieving God-status. Satya Sai Baba is one Indian guru of many in this class. Numerous Shamaans and scores of Lamas belong here as well. You and I too, for that matter, though with lesser predictability and rationale. If you think a little, you will remember having deployed universal energy to your purpose in a situation of extreme crisis. Through prayer perhaps. Or even through intention… often I find the perfect parking space in a crowded marketplace merely by intending to find one and sending out energy impulses.

So to return to the subject we started with, when the human mind is not able to even go past its own self, the question of replacing itself with gadgetry seems quite far away. The starting point for that would be to understand the mind from within and to understand the mind connection with the universal mind from one’s personal experience. Which in fact points to the need for people who are into cutting edge scientific research to get a better understanding of ancient wisdom and have a personal experience of how the interconnectedness of energies exist. And that is achieved through an understanding of energy work – or Qigong as it is referred to in Chinese – and other practices of this nature from the orient. Once this happens, foundationally the true technologists of our race, in our times, will be equipped to embark on discovering humankind from a new level, to springboard to yet another level of replicating the human being.