You Can Have It All

welcome to the most sensible movement on earth

RENEWALism is about renewing human consciousness so that we may live and work more mindfully, without driving our species into self-sabotage. The reason we call this a ‘sensible’ movement is because it is based on self-empowerment through RENEWAL Habits that each individual can embrace. 

When we are motivated by a higher consciousness to change habits and lifestyle, it results in reduction of exploitation and thriving co-dependently. Veganism is a case in point where humans have done this for animals. RENEWALism invites us to do this for ourselves!

What’s more, these “Habits” are not radically new things. These are proven ways of BE-ing, which have already worked for us for thousands of years. It is only in recent times, with the onset of the industrial age, that the man-machine-consciousness balance has been upset… and can very well be renewed. 

The best way to participate in this movement is by studying one of these notes and taking the next steps:

If you represent a corporate organization >> CLICK HERE

Ideal organizations that can showcase that RENEWAL Habits work to their advantage – and can generate empirical data quickly for their benefit – would be:

  • 30 to 1000 person-strong, having a distinct leadership structure
  • Cubicle-oriented setups as in IT, ITES, BFSI, Healthcare. Consulting sectors
  • Comprising diverse groups over multiple geographies
If you represent an educational institution >> CLICK HERE
RENEWALism envisages the creation of an on-going mechanism to develop an eco-system that is viable for the School/University commercially and time-wise.
  • Increase qualitative and quantitative aspects of output of Faculty and Staff
  • Improve results for Students and prepare them to mitigate future stresses
  • Enhance Parents‘ appreciation of the School’s holistically healthy initiatives 

renewalism: interventions at various levels