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Chakras & Meridians

This is a huge subject and there are many authoritative books to set you on the right track. This simplified illustration will help you get started and understand what several Qigong and Reiki techniques I teach refer to.

On the left are the 7 chakras, or receptors of energy. You can think of them as antennae which operate through the layers of our aura (the invisible energy shell encapsulating each energy body – like an invisible flame surrounds the candle light). The purpose of chakras is to balance the energy received by the body so that physical, mental and emotional stability is maintained. In case the balance goes awry because some chakras get closed due to our own anxieties, it manifests in “dis-ease” of the physiological or psychological kind. Chakras can be opened, healed, balanced through energy healing.

On the right is a simplistic view of the 12 meridians we possess. Fundamentally there are 6 Yin and 6 Yang meridians, 3 of each passing through and ending at the extremities of our arms and legs. Internally, each is connected to one principal ‘organ’ as the Chinese meditators defined them about 4000 years ago. The meridians carry Qi, which is conserved in vessels that store energy within the body. The application of pressure in cavities along these meridians (using needles or massage – acupuncture/acupressure) can result in lasting relief for the organs or other parts along the connection. The electric pulse present in these cavities has even been scientifically detected.

A study of the aura, chakras and meridians is essential knowledge to get started on the process of understanding one’s energy anatomy. And excellent book for reference is ‘Hands Of Light’, written by Barbara Ann Brennen. She is not only a natural psychic but a NASA scientist as well. This gives her the benefit of the best nature and science have to offer.

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