You Can Have It All

How Exercise Increases Productivity

To increase your productivity, and grow mentally, physically, spiritually and financially, there is one simple starting point. Exercise.

Yes… Exercise!

Now you wonder, what does exercise have to do with productivity or growth? Exercise has only to do with being physically strong and perhaps fit, but you don’t have the time for that – nor the inclination – unless you could be more productive in your existing time. It’s a sort of vicious cycle..

So here’s how you might like to think about it. The progression we humans make in our growth is 4-step. Through the body… the mind… thoughts and… spirit. If the body is exercised it is supple and light, therefore devoid of grossness.

Once that is not gross, our mind is not gross. For example, if a block of ice is free of dirt, the water that melts from it is free from dirt.

Now with the mind free, the thoughts are energized, purer, and they come to us and move about faster.

Consequently the spirit responds faster and more instinctively, making for quick decisions which are usually the right ones.

So let’s look at the math of this. If you exercise 30 minutes a day, you could make decisions that took hours in minutes. That’s a saving of a few hours every day, depending on how many decisions your position of responsibility demands you to make.

All you need do is understand this progression, believe this secret and prioritize your time to bend, stretch, pushup or walk about a bit. Climb the stairs, touch your toes, rotate your neck, press your palms down to the table and push the body forward and back. Do small things that build you up for more reps in less time as you go along. Increase productivity and growth!

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