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Learn Reiki

Now, more than ever, the world needs healing. Maybe you do too. Or a loved one  Maybe you have heard of energy healing. Maybe even of the Japanese method called Reiki. And if so, you’ve probably heard that you need to learn from a master face to face. And maybe that has stopped you from exploring this incredible method. Not anymore!  Rei-Ki is two words, meaning Universal-Life force energy. It is the energy that exists …

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Get a Reiki Treatment or Learn Energy Healing!

Yes, you can book yourself a Reiki Energy Healing session online, or learn Reiki to heal yourself and others. Call or Whatsapp Sandeep Nath at +91-965-002-8085 to discuss the options. Reiki can be used to heal any type of ailment – physical, emotional, psychological, physiological or even spiritual. And you can receive Reiki healing energy right in the comfort of your home – simply pop your details in below and we’ll get back to you! …

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A Shortcut to Equanimity

Imagine living in a state where the ups and downs of life don’t mess up your experience of it. Where your state remains as is, regardless of whatever happens. Sounds yogic, right? Not really. Like me, you too may have been amazed to see the growing number of people who have recently been writing about and speaking on ascending to states of higher consciousness. A lot of experimentation has been happening in this field in the …

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Heal With Energy

Energy is what we are made of. By working with our energy, we can alter our core at the design level. Sounds like what God would do, right? So if you think about it, God is nothing but the omnipresent, omnipotent universal energy there is. Allow yourself to run through this series of 1-minute videos for a direct understanding of this subject from Sandeep Nath. And feel free to drop in a message below to …

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Can machines replace human beings?

It is always quite fascinating, the way people embrace technology as the ultimate panacea and yardstick for human development. A lot of people also fear that technology will replace them someday… and that fear is not completely unfounded. A small thing like a phone-app has replaced the Secretary. At several airports check-in staff are no longer needed even for baggage handling. And the possibilities with robotics are well captured by Hollywood, becoming realities year after …

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the manifestation of energy that allows the conscious object to be aware of the causality of its environment. Being in higher consciousness is being in higher awareness, more sensitive to subtler levels of changes of cause and effect. It also implies being more adaptable to the perceived changes from the point of view of the environment one is impacting due to one’s own direct or indirect involvement. Having studied several definitions of this …

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Does Reiki work for everyone?

We are all made of energy. Each of the little atoms that we are made of, is vibrating at a certain frequency that makes us part of the energetic pattern of the universe. The universe, on its part, is the infinite source of energy that powers the greatest good for everything and everyone. It is benign, unbiased, omnipresent and omnipotent. To use an analogy, the individual is like a ripple on the vast ocean of …

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The ABC of Qigong

Let me start by telling you the most difficult part about Qigong. It is ‘pronouncing the word’ correctly! Really… I’ve heard people say chingon, cuigong, chuikong, quinto… and numerous other variations that are more familiar to the uninitiated tongue. The right pronunciation however is “chikung”. Many people write it the same way Chi-Kung, and that is good to pronounce. However, the reason it starts with the alphabet ‘Q’ is to differentiate it from ‘Ch’, which …

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10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Internal Energy (Qi)

Have you realized that we are not actually made of solid physical bodies, but are in fact only a mass of hollow vibrating atomic particles? If you haven’t, shall we wake up Mr Einstein and have him explain how all matter is energy and all energy is matter? Or, if that’s too intimidating, can we simply agree that since we are all made of atoms, and atoms vibrate at certain frequencies, all men, women and …

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