You Can Have It All

can you guess what the symbol on the left means?

It is the Mandarin word for Qi, which in English refers to life-force energy; the energy that creates all matter. Working with Qi is Qi-Gong. And here is the interesting part…

The symbol you see for Qi, is derived from two other Mandarin words, which constitute the top and bottom parts. And these two words are Air, and Rice. What this tells us is that almost 5000 years ago – even before the language was born – we knew that our energy came from two sources; the air we breathe and the stuff we eat (rice coverts to glucose fast).

The practice of Qigong helps us align the inner and outer aspects of our energy, thereby making us most powerful physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is not to say that Qigong practice will build Schwarzeneggers and Einsteins… but it will bring down sickness (absenteeism) and low spirits (disengagement) astonishingly – and astonishingly fast as well.

There is a lot to be said about Qigong and how you can bring this RENEWAL Habit into your Personal or Company’s Culture. There are many more interesting aspects to read up on my blog as well. For starters, you could do one of two things: