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10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Internal Energy (Qi)

Have you realized that we are not actually made of solid physical bodies, but are in fact only a mass of hollow vibrating atomic particles? If you haven’t, shall we wake up Mr Einstein and have him explain how all matter is energy and all energy is matter? Or, if that’s too intimidating, can we simply agree that since we are all made of atoms, and atoms vibrate at certain frequencies, all men, women and their surroundings are basically electromagnetic energies vibrating at different pulses?
Having agreed to this, can we also agree that it may be possible to move our internal energy and hence change the vibrations of things around us? Great! Now we are making progress! In fact we have progressed all the way back to 4000 BC (!), at which time the ancient oriental meditation masters figured out how this internal energy flows within and through us. They called this energy “Qi” (pronounced chee) in China, “Ki” (key) in Japan and “Prana” in India.
The trick to feeling this energy is to be still and observe oneself. Relax. Observe the breath. And bring all thoughts back to one thing – the inhalation and exhalation of breath. Feel the air enter and go all the way down to the lungs, pushing the belly outwards as a consequence. Feel the lungs expel the air by pushing the belly back in. Silently observe this for a few breathing cycles. And now let’s start having fun with it.

10 Bend a spoon

Yes, you read right. Pick any spoon (a slim one for starters) and hold it with the fingers of both hands in such a way that the neck of the spoon is freely visible between your hands. Now close your eyes and imagine an orange light all around you. Imagine the light enter you through the top of your head and fill up your face… your neck… and gradually pass through your shoulders and into your hands. Take your time – 2 minutes or so – to develop these thoughts. Imagine this light now passes between your hands through the spoon. Feel it move back and forth. After about a minute of making this connection, of the imaginary light energy from your head to the spoon, move the fingers of both hands in a way that allows you to bend the spoon. Bend, bend, bend… you will be surprised that you actually quite effortlessly twist the spoon completely. With a little practice, you can make nice spirals shapes of that thing! Incredible… did I hear?
To help you experience this, a video reference starting minute 4:31 here:

9 Create an energy ball

Now that we have had a live experience of some force that comes to us purely through our thinking of it, let’s experience it in our hands. For this, it will help to understand that in the last activity we brought the energy in through one of our 7 energy receptors, called ‘chakras’ (the crown chakra on top of the head). From these chakras energy passes through a complex channel of meridians and several of these meridians terminate in the palms and in the soles of the feet. To activate the meridians that end in the palm, clamp the centre of your left palm between the thumb and index & middle fingers of your right hand. Turn the wrist to have the left palm facing you. Now do the same with the right palm (press the centre of the right palm with the left thumb, and the back of the hand the fingers). Twist the right palm to face you.
Having done this, press the tip of each finger against the tip of the thumb on the same hand. Do this one by one. Feel the pressure on the tips as you do this. Now put your palms flat together and rub them vigorously. Stop. Now slowly, very slowly separate them. You would feel a sense of connection between both palms. A kind of magnetism. Attraction and repulsion. Like threads between them. Repeat this a few times till you get that sensation. It could even be a tingling. Once that arises, keeping the palms less than 5 centimetres apart and start cupping the hands, like an imaginary ball was being created between the hands. Move them further and closer to give space to the ball, yet not allowing it to slip away. Shape the ball like you would shape a snowball. Get a feeling? Whew! That’s a big deal! Develop the ball further… With some practice you could even roll this ball out to switch off candles or move pieces of paper! Go on… experiment!
A few video references:

8 Watch auras

So how does the energy from the universe enter through our chakras? This happens through the aura that surrounds all energy forms. For example, there can be times when we go to some house and immediately feel that house is not a place we want to be in, right? This is because the aura of the elements of the house intersects with our aura and do not resonate! Same happens between people. We get a ‘gut-feel’ about people because our ‘energy battery’ lies in the navel region (gut) and that provides its opinion based on what the aura detects and transmits to it.
So if we can see the aura of others; how big it is; what colour it is; what form it has, that could give us visual information for the brain to process as well. Then the brain and gut can confer and agree, and synchronise conscious and non-conscious sentiments faster! Obviously therefore, seeing auras is not a common experience. The trick to it is to maintain a single pointed focus on the centre of the object and without consciously attempting it, try to catch the periphery of the object with our peripheral vision. For example, for a person, focus on their nose and allow your peripheral vision to see the region around their head. Chances are, when you are relaxed and breathing harmoniously as described above, you would spot a cloudy layer surrounding the person. Don’t shift focus to see it. Stay focused on the nose. The aura will reveal itself to you. Simply meditate on it.
From minute 3:51 you can get a visual sense of what to expect here:

7 Lift up people (literally!)

As a social fun exercise, nothing beats the wonder of this. We need 5 people and a chair without arms. We want to have the heaviest person sit on the chair and the other 4 surround him/her. The 4 will clasp their palms together with interlocking fingers and thumbs, only bringing out the 2 index fingers to point outwards. Now, place the joined index fingers below the armpits and the knees, and attempt to raise the sitting person. Possible? Maybe, maybe not. Note the effort nevertheless.
Next, place one person’s left palm over the sitting person’s crown chakra without touching even the hair. In a clockwise manner the next person places his/her left palm over that without touching the first person’s palm. The third person places his/her left palm without touching over that and so does the fourth. The first person then places his/her right palm over this pile and the other three follow turn by turn. In the process the team has unknowingly created an energy vortex over the seated person. Now the palms are removed in reverse order, without touching, one by one. When the last left palm (of the first person) is removed, all 4 form the clasped hands again and place the two index fingers under the knees and armpits. Raise the hands up. The sitting person will be levitated!
A demo here:

6 Block an energy meridian

Now we’re going to see how knowledge of specific meridians can help block an adversary’s energy. Practitioners of ancient Chinese martial arts also use such techniques. Let’s say a person in front of you is attempting to lift you up. If you can reach to his/her elbows and with your thumbs, press the space around the elbow between the bones of the forearm, you will effectively deactivate the energy in the adversary’s arms and they will lose their ability to lift you!
Watch this in action here:

5 Cure a headache

Likewise, knowing that these meridians connect to various organs, energy can be an amazing form of healing. In fact, 4000 years ago there were no doctors in the orient. All healing was energy based; a practice commonly known as acupressure. Since headaches are a common syndrome in today’s stressful world, try this. The acupressure point described below can help get rid of a headache as well as provide relief from a toothache, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, constipation and hangovers.
Using the thumb and index finger of your right hand, apply deep and firm pressure in the web (fleshy area) between the thumb and index finger of your left hand for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat with the other hand. When applying the pressure, relax and breathe deeply. In a few minutes the pain will reduce and eventually disappear. However, please do not press this point if pregnant, since that may cause premature contractions.
There are more acupressure points described here:

4 Test foods that suit you

Now that you have experienced internal energy right from the aura to the meridian how would you like to know what to feed yourself so that your energy is rightly augmented? Well, you can do that by checking whether the energy of each food resonates with you or not. Simply stand erect with both feet firmly planted shoulder-width apart and hold the food (say a banana) with both hands in front of your solar plexus. Breathe slowly, profoundly and close your eyes. Allow your body to become loose and sway like a pendulum. If it sways forward, the banana is good for you. If you feel pushed back, drop bananas from your diet!
Reputed energy healer Donna Eden demonstrates at minute 4:11

3 Re-energise the feet and body

Tired? Giddy? Not reading this (I hope), but at sometime during the day, I mean. Here’s a solution… take a spoon and check whether a magnet sticks to it or not. If it does, that’s the right spoon because it is capable to charging electromagnetically. Hold this spoon in your right hand and run the convex base of the spoon over the soles of your feet, one at a time. Cover as much of the sole (and even the ankle) as you feel good doing (about 20-30 seconds) before moving to the other foot. In a minute, you will be feeling a lot better and grounded. What did you do? You recharged the meridian endings with electromagnetism picked from the earth and re-energized yourself. Amazing isn’t it?
Watch the movements here at minute 0:41

2 Clear confusion

Now could it happen that we get totally lost in the middle of a meeting or while reading a lengthy document? Let’s learn how to use the techniques above to bring the brain back. For this we will connect the (third eye) acupressure point between the eyebrows just above the nose with both middle fingers. Place the palms together and bring the middle and index fingers to touch the third eye point and nose bridge simultaneously. Breathing in, rock the head backwards and breathing out let it drop forward, keeping the meridian connection with the fingers intact. In 10 repetitions we would have regained composure and become ready for a lot more we can do!
Watch this being done at minute 1:11

1 Love your partner

What’s the world without love? Here’s a quick energy tip to strengthen it anytime with your partner. Stand facing each other 1 meter apart and with the fingers of both your hands interlocked draw a figure of 8 horizontally six times connecting the other with you. After the sixth cycle bring the hands to your heart and imagine opening the (love/heart) chakra there and releasing the energy into it. Now your partner does the same. And then both breathe in deeply, looking into each other’s eyes and fall into a deep embrace. Watch the energies and the chemistry between you from this moment on! Relish it!
Donna does it here…