You Can Have It All

Increasing Your Money Consciousness

How much money you can make is dependent not on what business you build but rather on how big you build your mind. Is your mental crucible large enough to hold a few billion dollars, or would it only fit a few thousand?

Are you saying the right things to yourself? The excuse, “I don’t have the money”, is self-defeating for life. In saying so, you are programming your brain to ‘not have money’ and be ok with the idea. Poor choice!

Are you getting the picture here? The money is in your mind. And some good B-quadrant company can get your mental blueprint about wealth better organized for you.

Now that you know the money is in your mental crucible, here’s a game you can play to help you get it from there. It’s fun and will surprise you! Be at it for 60 days and watch your crucible expand! Here’s the game:


Start a fresh notebook. Turn to page 1. Write down any imaginary figure you are comfortable with, to earn in a day. For example, if you are on a $ 3000 /month salary that’s $ 100 per day… but maybe your mind is comfortable even with accepting $ 1000 /day. So write that. Don’t write any large figure that your mind will not accept.

Now, the idea is to use this money up on the same page. Below the figure, write what your mandatory expenses are. Groceries, utility payments and loans typically stand at the top of the list. By the time you finish expenses, be sure you end on a zero balance.

Next day, again put an earnings figure on top of page 2. This figure must be equal to or greater than the previous day’s. Again, apportion expenses. Once you’ve finished with recurring needs, look at the longer term expenses… like the house loan… pay off more than just a month’s installment. Next, look at non-mandatory expenses you’ve been budgeting for… the holiday in India for instance… and again, end the page on zero balance.

On the third day, once more, put an earning figure on top of page 3. Obviously this figure must be equal to or greater than the previous day’s. Make sure that the increases are not driven by your logical mind, but rather by the realm of possibility… what would you like to jump your earning to? Again, apportion expenses. Do this till you can’t think of any other thing you need to spend money on… except luxuries. In case you finish expenses, tithe a little (give to charity). The tithing amount should be no greater than 10% of the reminder. Over? Spend some on luxuries till you reach a zero balance.

Next day, again put a figure equal to or greater than the previous day’s on top of page 4. Give yourself a bigger hike. Continue with immediate expenses first, long-term next, non-mandatory after that, a little tithing, a little luxury. Chances are you will get to this point after many more days than 4, but for sake of this example let’s imagine you’re done now and still have money left over. Now start investing the remainder. Invest in assets. Assets that you have some emotional connection with. Not arbitrary scrips… but plots of specific land that you have seen or read about… education at places that you know your kids want to go to… companies that you believe in and value (study them, their stocks) and see how much the remainder of your money can buy.

Remember Robert Kiyosaki ’s sound anti-depression advice, “the rich put money into assets, not expenses”. So continue doing this. Be sure to have a big smile on your face everyday as you start writing into your notebook.

Also make sure you have no money left over on every page. Put a bit aside for necessities everyday. Pay off all your debts. Enjoy all the luxuries you can imagine and gift and tithe and invest alongside (in that order).

Play this game sincerely till you reach page 60 and watch what it does to your mind. I guarantee you will be on your way to being abundantly, happily rich! And this might be the time to start taking your own life plan and future business/es really seriously… because unlike every traditional business and jobs, the online / network marketing vehicles operate with absolutely no limits – except your mind!


“You are not really wealthy if you can count how much money you make” – Jim Dornan