You Can Have It All


Speaking For Money

The fact that one could be paid to speak revealed itself to me only when I was introduced to the Professional Speakers Association of India (PSAI). Sure, I was earning through my words even before that, but differently. As I began to understand the world of professional speaking, I realized that there are 5 ways to speak for money. And here they are: S2S – Speak To Sell – This is what I was doing […]

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“I’ve got a job to do”

There are a few statements that disturb me. One of them is “I’ve got a job to do”. Hollywood has made this line extremely glamorous. But as a consciousness/wellness guide, I am concerned where such aggrandized declarations are taking society. You see, the first thing that must bother anyone is that a ‘job’ is a rather miserable thing to have. ‘Job’, by definition is “a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid”.

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the manifestation of energy that allows the conscious object to be aware of the causality of its environment. Being in higher consciousness is being in higher awareness, more sensitive to subtler levels of changes of cause and effect. It also implies being more adaptable to the perceived changes from the point of view of the environment one is impacting due to one’s own direct or indirect involvement. Having studied several definitions of this

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Identifying Life Purpose

Purpose is not about what you achieve; Purpose is why you exist. It is like a Guiding Star. A sailor does not aim to reach the star but constantly checks his course based on the star’s position relative to his boat. Similarly, our lives are directed toward our vision. That is what must be realized. And how do we know we are going to eventually realize our vision? For this, we set up missions in

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