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Yes, you can book yourself a Reiki Energy Healing session online, or learn Reiki to heal yourself and others. Call or Whatsapp Sandeep Nath at +91-965-002-8085 to discuss the options.

Reiki can be used to heal any type of ailment – physical, emotional, psychological, physiological or even spiritual. And you can receive Reiki healing energy right in the comfort of your home – simply pop your details in below and we’ll get back to you!

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How do you receive Reiki at home?

Well, Reiki means (in Japanese) ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. Therefore obviously it is universally present – everywhere. And a Reiki Master can use the universal energy around you to treat you (without being anywhere near you)! Treatments over time can heal all kinds of disorders. Because after all, they are ‘disorders’ of energy and the master will be ‘ordering’ the energy again.

In case you are wondering ‘does Reiki work for everyone‘ please click for the article. It will explain what you must look for and what you can expect from treatments. Meanwhile, while you are here, let me explain the various Reiki levels that you can learn and do yourself.

Any Reiki Master will attune you are Level 1. This is the level at which you know everything there is to know about healing yourself and others. It is the level at which you build the foundation (through practice) of your intuition and connection with universal energy. And once that is adequately done. you are ready for Level 2.

At Level 2 you will learn how to amplify the Reiki using symbols and how to connect with people at a distance. You can treat people wherever they are – in different countries – simply by using their ambient energy and having strength of your own fundamentals, lineage of masters and practice.

And the highest is Level 3 at which you can give and share spiritual healing and alter vibrations while strengthening your own connection with the divine. Typically your master will train you to become a Reiki Master yourself at this level, though some schools treat that as Level 4 or 3b.

So it always starts at Level 1. And if you would like to move to Level 2, it is always a good idea to do Level 1 again with the master with whom you will continue. Why? Because doing so establishes a connection, karmic – and of thought and practice – which is so very important between the master and student. So if you have in mind to learn and take control over your health and wellness for all time, drop in your details and let’s get in touch.