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The Limitless Living Program

Liberate Your Abundance through

‘Limitless Living’

Through this program you will embark on a voyage of self-discovery and questioning of your beliefs, which have been fed into your subconscious mostly without your knowledge. And you will learn how to change those beliefs wherever they limit you, to set yourself on a trajectory of abundance… Abundance of time, money, health, influence… whatever.

Abundance is what nature unconditionally provides to everyone and everything on this planet (and beyond). Trees, Rivers, Ants, Plants… they all always have whatever they need from nature. We are the ones who put limits to what we have… because of what we learn and what we do. And since we are capable of learning and doing different things, we can live differently. It is fundamentally that simple.

So what is Limitless Living?

It is simply a way of living in true abundance… of money, time, health, relationships, growth and contribution.

Now let’s understand this a little deeply. Abundance is a state of mind. It is not about how much you have, but rather about how much you need. Have you heard about ‘poor rich people’? They may have millions in the bank but stress over spending a little. They are not misers necessarily… they simply can’t reconcile with their “fear of losing” what they have. They compulsively need to cut corners… it’s a state of mind. Likewise, there are ‘rich poor people’. You find many in rural areas. They have little and need even less. They always have a smile. They are always ready to give. They fear less.

In money terms, for example, abundance doesn’t mean you have a billion bucks. Nope. Because a ‘billion’ is a ‘limit’. And besides, unless you know what you have to do with that billion, it may be nothing more than a source of stress. So abundance of money is actually having one buck. One buck more than what you need to spend. Anytime. You want to buy a fancy car? US$ 1,362,278 on road with insurance. You have US$ 1,362,279 in your bank. What else do you need? Butter on the table? INR 43? You have INR 44 in your wallet.

Likewise for other aspects. Health for instance. Everyone in the neighborhood has the flu? You have a little better immunity. Speaking in a social context, let’s say only half the people turn up at your party? You still keep up the spirit, not letting anyone spot a difference 🙂 And so on.

Now the question is, how will abundance in all these aspects manifest for you?

It will manifest by your coming into awareness of your present habits in the 6 crucial dimensions of living, and realizing what results these habits bring you.

Through the Limitless Living program you will project your habits into the future and examine if they lead to the results you want. For something to change, something must change 🙂 So we will change small habits, which in turn will change big beliefs.

Think about your life in the 6 dimensions below… is there anything better you’d like to have in any of them?

  • Mental (thinking, knowledge, wisdom)
  • Physical (health, physique, wellness)
  • Spiritual (oneness with a higher force)
  • Social (relationships with family, friends, others)
  • Emotional (relationship with self and values)
  • Financial (career, savings, sources etc)

Here’s my answer. I think I can do better in the Social dimension. With what I know and how I reflect, I can help a lot of people break their molds and experience oneness with the universe. This is my primary reason for setting up the Limitless Living program – to impact a large number of people positively. I realize I can do it once people co-opt themselves into being aware of their habits and beliefs… and since you are doing it, congrats! I admire your spirit 🙂

Eventually, my goal is to raise human consciousness / awareness about our interplay with life – what we give it and what it gives us. Through a like-minded army of high consciousness individuals across the planet, I expect us to usher in a new era of abundance thinking!

So where does it start?

Usually motivational gurus market coaching programs online that put us on a high… but within 2-3 weeks we are back to almost where we started. Why? Because we are given the package deal that they have in stock.

Here, with Limitless Living, we are looking at 12 exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions (over Skype/Zoom or similar option) in YOUR context, with YOUR challenges, to change YOUR habits.

And what does changing HABITS do? Conscious change in them results in change of BEHAVIOR (blue arrows above). And that in turn changes our THINKING. And this has a positive spiraling effect on producing BEHAVIOR from a higher consciousness, all the way to achieving the RESULTS we only dream about!

Let us appreciate this with an example. Imagine John had a common belief (Thinking) about Fear. Say fear of heights. So John spent his entire life believing he can’t go to a rooftop (Behaviour). Hence he never pressed the top floor button on any elevator (Habits). And therefore he never reached the top floor (Action), the Result of which was, while everyone enjoyed the rooftop party on the 21st floor rooftop, John sat in front of his TV on the 3rd floor.

Now imagine John does press 21 when he gets into the elevator. It takes him the same effort as pressing 3, doesn’t it? But when the elevator door opens and John sees the sky through a window facing him, he is perhaps terrified. Natural. However, being a person who is open to change and sees its value, let’s say John presses 21 again the next day and the next day and the next day. Would you imagine, as a normal human being, he will eventually feel tempted to step out one day when the door opens and check out the window? He obviously will. And that, my friend, is change of Behaviour! In only a few days! And when he will see the kids playing, the cars, the garden and the sky… and he would not feel giddy or nauseous… what will happen? Thinking will change. A synaptic connection in the brain will permanently get rewired. He may not be ready to jump rooftops like Spiderman, but he will surely be able to attend the rooftop party!

Therefore, with change of Habits we change Thinking. And you can see it happen with small changes in your own reflex actions over 6 weeks… and with that you will feel empowered to create whatever you like!

The 6-week Program

Limitless Living will take you through 6 weeks of self-work in coming into awareness of your habits and replacing them with new ones that will serve you better in designing your future. These are in 6 dimensions; Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Financial, Emotional and Social.

***** ***** *****

WEEK 1; we start with the Spiritual dimension. We review your life, body, mind and spirit, and set you up on a habit to connect with universal energy. Doing so will immediately help you see how to draw more from every day. From every activity you spend time on. From each person you meet. From every bite you eat! We will also unravel our mission, our purpose on this planet and arrive at the things that we are passionate about, that we dream about and that we are good at.

***** ***** *****

WEEK 2; we start simultaneously on the Physical and Mental dimensions. We get more aware of what we eat and what we read. Food for the body and food for the mind. We train to build our mental capacity through meditations and visualization, and our physical capacity through affirmations and supplementation. I will work distance energy sessions to open your chakras and allow new dimensions of knowledge to seep in. Incidentally the cost of your reading materials is provided for in this course, so there will be no added expenses for your learning.

***** ***** *****

WEEK 3; we embark on our Financial and Emotional journeys, which are both intricately linked to our sub-conscious and our shaping influences. We will work on unlocking our subconscious limiting beliefs around wealth and happiness and embark on exercises to expand money consciousness and start feeling good about money as a means rather than the ends. We weave a future strategy around them, understanding the importance of vehicles and destinations in the life journey, goal setting and prioritizing.

***** ***** *****

WEEK 4; we slip into the Social dimension of our lives while continuing to balance the other five… because that is what life is about. Man is essentially a social animal and human happiness directly relates to societal linkages above all else. We will come into awareness of our social interactions, underlying beliefs, limits and barriers. We break them by practicing small steps outside our comfort zone. “There is no growth in comfort” – Wise old saying.

***** ***** *****

WEEK 5; now we are into harmonizing the elements. This week we will focus on the Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual aspects. How far have we come? What changes are we observing? If we continue on this trajectory of habits, will our expected results arise? By when? Why? Course corrections?

***** ***** *****

WEEK 6; you guessed it! In the final week we harmonize the Mental and Financial dimensions and review the progress we made through readings that remap and rewire our conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mental states. We set up a roadmap for the financial future that we ride on in parallel to our current (busy) life… because we have developed the capacity to ride it. We have learned what it takes to get into expansive thinking… and Limitless Living!

***** ***** *****

All our coaching will be through interactive lessons that will put us face to face with each other 2 times every week for an hour each. Plus you will invest 7 hours in ‘homework’, which will be structured to fit into your week-schedule very easily. All told, that’s 54 hours of coaching including 12 hours of direct interaction. How good is that? Pretty great actually, if you consider the cost-benefit…

Bring to your mind a dumb computer. A software programmer is paid US$ 50 per hour to reprogram it well. So this course, which reprograms your brain completely, ought to cost you 54 hrs x 50 $ = US$ 2700 at least. But hey, you are not a dumb computer. And strangely (and happily for you) 🙂 this course costs less than 10% of that; US$ 265 in fact (INR 17,500)! How good is that now?!!

To get started, please click here to facilitate your payment of US$ 100 (payable in any currency except INR. For Indians please remit INR 7500 by bank transfer) right now. The balance will be payable only after one week, after you have more trust in me and confidence in the process. And if for any reason you don’t develop it, I am happy to refund you US$ 100 through the same channel you pay me with – no questions asked. Simply tell me why you want out. So far nobody has taken that option and there must be a reason for that. So let’s start here! You can remit the amount easily by Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card (all links below). It will appear in your statement with the merchant name “Arrive At Success”.

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