You Can Have It All

sandeep nath

A Shortcut to Equanimity

Imagine living in a state where the ups and downs of life don’t mess up your experience of it. Where your state remains as is, regardless of whatever happens. Sounds yogic, right? Not really.

Like me, you too may have been amazed to see the growing number of people who have recently been writing about and speaking on ascending to states of higher consciousness. A lot of experimentation has been happening in this field in the last two decades.

As someone in the midst of it, I find this mind-boggling. Way back in 2007, when I read Power v/s Force by Dr David Hawkins, that was a phenomenal body of work in the identification of the various levels of energetic vibrations that impact human behavior. For sake of clarity I urge you to check out his vibratory scale here.

What you will see from that map is, when your consciousness can isolate the emotion you are experiencing in any situation, you can directly determine at which level in the scale of energetic vibration you are operating. By being in such awareness at any point in time, you can yank your mental state out of a low vibration and instantly raise it. The goal would be to maintain equanimity at some level and eventually raise that level of constancy to Love (500) or higher. You can also strive to align your perceptions (Life-views) with higher vibrations for self-growth.

Of course, attaining such levels of mindfulness around emotional states and life-views requires an effort in cultivation, but it is eminently possible in a few short weeks with guidance.

This is very much in tune with what Louise Hay writes in ‘Heal your Life’ about the mind-body connection. You can ‘will’ your body to be perfect by programming the mind to think of it that way. (Her diagnostic “List” is always bang-on). And what Barbara Ann Brennan shares in ‘Hands of Light’ about how the aura reveals emotional states that induce physical disease purely on account of people’s vibrational energy.

As I continue to research this, all I can say is… when they discovered mechanization, you weren’t there… when they discovered quantum physics you missed it… now we are discovering consciousness, and you can be in the thick of it! And bring yourself in equanimity with raising your vibrations as a by-product!! Drop your details below and let’s talk about it 🙂