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My Aspiration/Belief

I aspire to make a difference in the way we human beings live, work, interact, prioritize, and evaluate ourselves and each other. My belief in this stems from a readiness I perceive, to raise human consciousness. I believe we are destroying ourselves mindlessly, driven by the vested interests of a few who have gained the power to drive them.

Are you still with me? Can you see yourself as an agent of change?

What have you been made to believe?

In nature, survival is determined by one’s strength, flexibility, and adaptability. In humans, we determine it by what we are able to make others believe. We draw lines based on age, money, and status/labels, none of which exist in the natural world.

Why do we attach importance to these three things?

The answer stares in our face… for us to CONFORM. To fit in a social structure that enables command and control. And it conditions us from early years, creating divisions and tearing up the very social fabric that we were expecting to strengthen.

These lines obfuscate us through education and eliminate conversations that are neither objective nor subjective. All conversations are merely OBFUSCATIVE.

Money, Technology, Religion are the primary drivers of obfuscivity. They stand strong on the argument – if we do not have these then how can be be considered civilized? How will we govern? How will we be any different from animals?

The counter-question is, why is it that we need to be different from animals? Isn’t the idea that we are different obfuscative by itself?

Our ego reinforces our belief

We are another species and we have co-existed with nature in pretty much the same way as other species for 120,000 years. Suddenly the last 10,000 years have seen us grow plants and feed off them. In doing so, we have been controlling (and destroying) the natural ecosystem.

If we can decide how plants grow, we can decide how humans grow – and that has brought us to the door of genetic manipulation. As we attempt to play the role of the Creator.

The part quantum physicists are beginning to understand is what yogis have known since millennia. That the Creator is ENERGY, which constitutes everything. We are like waves in the ocean (of energy) and other than bringing in contaminants, the wave cannot make any change in the ocean. It might look very busy and powerful to its peers as it attacks the rocks on the land, but objectively, it is only working itself into a surf. The changing state of the landscape is subjective for the land and sea coexist eternally in duality.

The only assertion the wave can make about its role is obfuscative.

I aspire RENEWAL of our role – to make us part of the whole, not a segment that cuts itself away… and perishes. May I have you aspire for this too?

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  1. I Echo the thoughts of you completely. Let’s keep rising and shining as a true human being who belongs to this very own Mother Nature.

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